New Buckenham Observer Corps, World War ll, with hut on the common
Mill House on the common, a smallholding before coming a garage business.  About 1950. This was the site of the common’s postmill
Outside Mill House on the common
Charles Oxley, Tony Hamerton, John Darley and Fred Gilbert.  About 1979
The Common
New Buckenham Archive
Planting the first trees of the avenue across the common.  1960s Dr Tony Hamerton, Connie Tofts (Parish Council chair) and Joan Hamerton. Behind is the site where The Town’s End now stands. The building on the left was the slaughterhouse used for the butchers shop, now a beauty salon
Ribton Cooper, Angela Sutton, Nigel Sutton and Jeremy Sutton on Betty and Colin (seaside donkeys).  About 1955
Back row: Claxton, Loveday, ?, Symonds, ?, Powell, Saunders, Macro, ???  Self, Hilton, Derisley, Bloom Front Row   W A Smith, Brown or Bunn, Clowes, Aldis, Cooper, Brown
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