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If you can offer items that we can copy and display on this archive website or wish to find out more about the Society, please contact the archive’s webmaster.
We hope you like our on-line archive.  Our grateful thanks to the many kind people who have contributed to the display, particularly to Paul Rutledge for his scholarly interest in the village’s history.  Sadly, Paul died in March 2015 and the launch of this website is dedicated to his memory. Can you add any old photographs, press cuttings, documents or memorabilia?  We can quickly copy or scan material, hoping always to get details of people, events and dates as well. We are keen to add detail to what’s already on the website, particularly names and dates.  Please let us know if we’ve made any errors because they can be easily corrected.  We don’t think that we’ve infringed any copyrights, but if have please let us know.
The New Buckenham Society was founded in 1993 and now has one of the largest memberships of all the village organisations. We remember the village’s past, discuss current issues and sometimes plan for the future.  The Society holds an increasingly large archive of old photographs and documents, plus a few recorded oral histories and video films. The Society meets on an irregular basis, usually in the village hall, and the meetings are well publicised.  All villagers and those with connections to the village are warmly invited to join the Society and attend its interesting and sociable meetings. The Society is delighted to welcome new members and subscriptions are taken at every meeting in the village hall.  Currently the subscription is £1 p.a. and this covers every meeting in the calendar year. If you have any queries about the Society, please contact it here.
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