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A history of individual New Buckenham properties
The Reconstructions: a history of New Buckenham Properties 1460 – 1949 compiled by Paul Rutledge Paul was always interested in the background to the places he lived in and started looking into the history of New Buckenham soon after he and his wife Elizabeth moved there in 1971. In the course of so doing he came across the landgable rental for 1634 in a high bailiff's account book for the village. 'Landgable' was a small rent payable from nearly every property in the town. Paul realised that by using his local knowledge of the village's layout he could possibly work out the route taken around the houses by the assessors and collectors. This would mean he would have a skeleton on which to hang all the other information available. He achieved this by cross-referencing with sources such as court books, deeds and wills, and the numbers given to the New Buckenham properties in his Reconstructions represent the order in which their payments were listed in 1634. Paul’s painstaking detective work has achieved a history of the ownership of nearly 90 New Buckenham properties.
A History of New Buckenham Properties