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Dr Tony Hamerton (Hammy) 1917 - 2003
Hammy was born at a hill station in India, the son of an Archdeacon. Educated at St.Edward’s School, Oxford, he excelled at rowing. His asthma prevented active service in the War so he was posted as medical officer to the old fever hospital in Norwich. He then joined Dr Bruce in Attleborough where he became a GP. In the early days transport was almost non-existent so he travelled to see his patients in a variety of vehicles including a pony and trap,  a grand Daimler and a humble Morris Minor. His car was full of pills and potions, accompanied by his essential shotgun, cartridges and fishing tackle just in case there was a spare moment for some sport. He followed the hunt when he was younger and showed his Clumber Spaniels at Crufts. As New Buckenham’s Lord of the Manor, Hammy tore up fences to prevent enclosure of the common in the 1950s, selling the land to Norfolk Naturalists’ Trust for £5 in 1985. He restored the village’s Market Cross and levelled and grassed the Market Place. A devoted Christian, he served for many years on the Norwich Diocesan Board and worked tirelessly for charity. He ran the Wayland Hospital’s amputee service appeal and was made a Knight of the Order of St. John. His friends and patients will never forget his appearance as a bearded country gentleman from an earlier time, usually with a rose in his buttonhole. In winter he wore a Norfolk jacket and plus twos, and in summer he wore shorts with long socks unless he was in Scotland in which case he wore a kilt. He was widowed in 1984 when his wife Joan died, later marrying Ruth. He was survived by a son and a daughter. This is an edited version of that supplied tothe Eastern Daily Press, pub. 17.02.2003.
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