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Shooting party at Castle Farm
1. Name unknown, thought to be an undertaker 2. Ben Coman, Old Buckenham 3. Eric Gladden, Hunt’s Farm 4. Peter Blackburn, Pulham Market 5. - 6. Clifton Hilton 7. John Askew, Old Buckenham 8. Ribton Cooper 9. - 10. Anthony Hamerton (jnr) 11. - 12. Thought to be the undertaker’s son 13. Dennis Burton, Old Buckenham 14. Ian Taylor, Norwich (orthopaedic surgeon) 15. David Gladden 16. Ernie Macro 17. - 18. Lenny Brewster 19. Son of Alan Foster Clark 20. Alan Foster Clarke
This photograph of a shooting party on Saturday 8th October 1966 was kindly lent by Peter Blackburn who has recorded the bag as 23 pheasants, nine partridges and four hares. The photograph was taken by Dr Tony Hamerton (Hammy), who is not in the picture.  He would not have missed a local shoot, and owned the Morris 1000.  He was a good shooting friend of Ian Taylor who is in the photograph.  Hammy’s son Anthony is in the centre of the group.
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