Peake’s watch repairs, Queen Street. Late 1920s
Sunday School outing outside Holly Lodge.  1948 Ladies include Mrs Dunning, Took, Woodrow, Bunn, Beales and (far right) Mrs Smith
Foxes on left, back of post office on right. Possibly 1930s Detailed article about Foxes cycle shop, with thanks to ‘The Boneshaker Magazine’
Foxes shop on left, post office on right Sunday School outing in Queen Street.  1948

Queen Street

Edwin Cop outside dwelling next to Peake's shop
Edward Francis Cope outside building immediately to right of Peake’s
New Buckenham Archive
Central Motors in Queen Street, 1960s Owned by ‘Cass’ Casson before he moved his business to Wymondham.  The light building to the right (Foxes) has doors onto the pavement that are now no longer present.
The Fox brothers were Urbane and Fergus whose father David had a similar business in Forncett. Urbane died in 1933 and it appears that Fergus continued to run both the shops for a while before concentrating full time on New Buckenham.  Neither brother were known to have been married. (Mike Merrick, Forncett History Group)
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