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Local subscription nursing service - just before inception of NHS in 1948
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Label in wooden chest. There is no reference to Peck’s shop in the directories but Palmer’s is listed in White’s Directory (1890) although not in Kelly’s Directory (1904).  The location of the shop was probably the premises subject to the great fire of 1906.  Mrs Vout was thought to live on the road to Old Buckenham past the Dam Brigg crossroads
Receipt for goods from Maggs Collar and harness maker, King Street.  1895
The notices (above right) above pre-date the second World War. B.W. Cross would have been tenants of the Westgate family before 1937 because from that year the tenants at Hunts Farm were the Gladdens, renting it from Miss Mabel Westgate who bought the farm from her brother Harry, a vet,  the year previously. The Gladdens lived at Hunts Farm until 1970, then moved to Castle House, their tenancy of Hunts Farm and Castle Farm continuing for over 80 years. The ‘Dairy’ was in fact a portion of the ground floor of Hunts farmhouse, which housed the milk cooler and churns, opposite the milking parlour. An adjacent hut housed the Lister engine which chugged at dawn and dusk to run the milking vacuum pump. Albert and Ella Westgate and their nine children, including Mabel for most of her life, lived at Castle House from the 1850s to 1969. The notices (above left) are likelyto be of the same date.
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