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The Historic Buildings of New Buckenham
The Historic Buildings of New Buckenham:  Part 1 The Historic Buildings of New Buckenham:  Part 2
In 2005 the Norfolk Historic Buildings Group produced a report on New Buckenham Buildings, analysing the timber framed houses’ structures and using dendrochronology techniques. This magnificent book was joint winner of the Pitt Rivers Award (2006). Part 1 relates the buildings to the history of New Buckenham written by Paul Rutledge and places them in their landscape context. Part 2 describes the detailed construction of each of the houses NHBG was allowed to survey and discusses the dates of building that the dendrochronology study uncovered.
NHBG is a voluntary group whose passion is vernacular buildings and spent several years surveying buildings in New Buckenham as the first of their studies of vernacular houses in a village context.
The volume was on sale for several years before selling out but NHBG has kindly made the book available to download.
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