New Buckenham Archive Stephanie Casson and Donald Steward Lily Howling Bill Silk and Kaye Darley Ida Steward Lily Wilson
Steph Casson and Donald Steward
Lily Howling
Bill Silk and Kaye Darley
Ida Steward
Lily Wilson
Pageants led by Mr Myhill. The pump and light coloured building have now gone
Meeting of Open Air Mission.  1930s
This is thought to be New Buckenham’s cricket team, about 1936, although no explaination why Reginald Clowes is holding a shotgun.  Group also includes Fred Derisley, Stanley Westgate, Rev Gibbs, Phil Derisley, Fred Myhill and Mt Feltham
Meeting of Open Air Mission 1930s
Planting of the three new chestnut trees to mark the school’s closure in 1964. On the left is Rev Hugh Whitwam performing service of dedication; on the right is Dr Hamerton, owner of the market place as Lord of the Manor
Best Kept Village 1975.  Wendy Cole-Wilkin who presented the bouquet, Lady Bacon and Dr Hamerton.
Probably VE Day. Connie Tofts on right
Coronation Day celebrations
About 1974
Best Kept Village 1975.  Lady Bacon, Wendy Cole-Wilkin and Dr Hamerton
Fêtes and festivities
Newspaper caption reads: Photos taken at the New Buckenham and District Fete on August Bank Holiday.     (1) W. Sillet winning the Marathon race.  (2) Some of the actors from the Pageant which was performed during the afternoon patronising the cokernut shies.    (3) Bowling for a pig.  (4) Lord Bury opening the Fete.
Pancake races about 1986
Frank Smitherman presenting cup to winning tug-of-war team to (?), Tony Beales, Peter Wilson, Ned Baker, Peter Bell-Tye, Lenny Brewster, Barry Tunmore, Trevor Wilson.  About 1980
Pictures of the 1980 August Bank Holiday fete
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