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Eastern Counties Bristol L5G bus on the Market Place
A Daimler CK which was built from 1919 up to around 1923.  The magnificent body could have been built locally, as all sorts of people (furniture makers, garages, carters etc.) were making charabancs and bus bodies at that time. Barnard built quite a few themselves, so it might have been one of theirs, although I think theirs were later than this.
A Model T Ford bus, probably around 1920
Two Bristol LS buses
Commentary on these buses kindly supplied by Dick Gilbert of Classic Buses
A Lancia Tetraiota in the collection of village based buses but not apparently taken in New Buckenham.  It appear to have the registration "CD 73??" which is a Brighton number from around 1922/23.  So I wonder if this bus was new around 1922 to a Brighton owner, was fitted with pneumatic tyres around 1925, and is seen here after being acquired second-hand from Sussex. Pneumatic tyres started to appear widely around 1925.  The bill of sale on the main buses page, dated 1923, doesn't mention pneumatics, which I'm sure it would have done if they had been fitted from new.  The dealer was in London, Hickman bodies were built in London, so there doesn't seem to be a logical reason for a new vehicle being sold to Norwich with a Brighton registration.
Another Lancia, possibly the one mentioned in the bill of sale
Registration number CVF 848 belonged to a 'Bristol L' single-deck   35-seat bus delivered new to Eastern Counties Omnibus Company of Norwich in 1939 - they bought nearly 250 of them between 1938 and 1952. The body was made by Eastern Coachworks of Lowestoft. This particular example was retired in 1954 and bought by Southern National for continued use in Exeter. After another 10 years it became a static waiting room at Bridgwater for a year, but was then scrapped
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